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Lead free flashing

Lead Free Flashing

AlphaFlex™ is a lead substitute manufactured with a base of EPDM and aluminum expanded metal.
Here the exceptionally flexible and malleable properties of the metal with the excellent UV and ozone resistance of EPDM combine to provide a totally unique product.

Benefits of AlphaFlex

• Appearance of lead
• Lighter than lead & Easier to use
• No scrap value - No risk of theft
• 10 Year Guarantee
• 50% quicker to install than lead
• Self adhesive Butyl strip for ease of application

Alpha Flex is designed to replace lead in most modern roofing applications. The product has   manyadvantages over traditional lead flashings for those working in the construction industry, including the simple and quick installation process and non-toxic, lightweight material.

AlphaFlex – probably the easiest way to replace lead flashing.

AlphaFlex™ from Cromar Building Products is an aluminium-reinforced grey EPDM flashing which provides a cost-effective alternative to lead in all conventional building applications. As a replacement for stolen lead, AlphaFlex is far quicker to install at a fraction of the cost. It is light in weight, non-toxic, UV resistant and has exceptional flexibility and malleability which makes it ideal for complex detailing. Its high-tack, self-adhesive butyl edge strip has been designed specifically to enable vertical applications to be undertaken without the need for sealant or fixing clips. Alphaflex is available in 10 metre rolls of 100, 300 and 450mm width and guaranteed for 10 years

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